Well being an old computer repair guy I remember the write protect tab on floppy disks of days gone by. On the old 8" floppy disk you used to put a piece of tape on it to write protect it. Thatís because a switch is toggled inside the floppy drive.

So when I got my free SD card I couldn't write to it in my PC. Funny thing, a normal SD card has a notch that you can manipulate. Back and forth for protect and unprotect.

Soooo.. Remembering my old days I immediately figured that if I only had a notch in this little card from Palm I should be able to write to it.

Enter Mr. Exacto Knife!

I carefully lined up a normal SD card to this new one and using one of those silver sharpie pens I carefully marked where the write protect notch should be.

Then carefully I shaved a nice little notch in the new SD card. I was careful to shave a rectangular notch the exact size of the write protect notch in my normal SD card. It took about 2 minutes to perform the surgery.

And Walla! My computer noticed and formatted the free SD card.

This was very easy as I'm a bit of a hobbyist. Be careful. If you don't have steady hands then don't bother. But if you do, a little notch will enable you to format this card on your PC.

This will make it so you cant write protect it in the future.

But Wait! in the old day we used a small piece of tape to cover the notch.

Hope this works for you as it has for me.