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    I really like Documents To Go that came with the 650 so I decided to try their trial of Inbox To Go.
    It syncs with my Outlook Inbox, and I like it mostly, but I can't figure out if it will view HTML-formatted email messages. Even Versamail will do that . . .

    Are other people using Inbox To Go?'
    Do you like something better that syncs with the Outlook Inbox?
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    I tried Inbox 2 Go and was not a fan. I also found many of thier feature claims quite mis-leading. Particularly around IMAP support. I tried it for an hour and then got a refund.

    Versamail will synch with your Outlook Inbox. Why don't you just stick with that? One Tip with Versa. You can't have a synch account and a wireless access account in the same account. I worked around this by having one account that just synchs with my outlook and another "wireless" account that only grabs unread messages.
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    I've always used Inbox to Go on my T600 a T300 w/no problems . I use it wirelessly only to get my emails. I use Outlook Express. I don't think you can view html's.
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    I would like to transfer all my emails in the outlook inbox to my Treo650 but it won't work.

    any ideas?
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    Versamail has an outlook conduit to do that. And once it's working it works pretty well. I have always found it tricky to get working though. A coupla installs and uninstalls.
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    Treo-Mike -

    So you have Versamail where it actually "syncs" with Outlook? As in Outlook transferring Inbox to the 650 and vice versa?

    Myself and others (I've read on here) cannot even get Versamail on the PC to give Outlook as a choice at all, that portion is grayed out.

    How did you get it to work?

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    Yes I have had it working like that. You have to have it set as a synch only account in Versa (tick box in the Versa on your PC). Then you have to right click on the hot sync icon in your sys tray > choose custom > and then make sure the Versamail conduit is installed and set to synch.

    Once you get it working it works great...but it's a pain in the a** to get it working...I have always had to install and uninstall a coupla time before the conduit was working right. But it is possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TroutyMontreal
    I would like to transfer all my emails in the outlook inbox to my Treo650 but it won't work.

    any ideas?
    You mean in Inbox To Go?
    I was syncing mine, but I was frustrated that all my mail in my inbox wasn't showing up on the Treo.
    On the hotsync icon in the system tray, go into Inbox To Go and click "Custom." Change the number of days' worth of mail. I think the default is only the last 7 days. That was my problem.
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    Thanks for the info... after trying a few times and not getting it to come up - I decided to switch my desktop and 650 to utilize IMAP. Now, it works as I wanted. Outlook and my 650 show the same msgs in Inbox and Sent - I should have done this to begin with!
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    For those few of you (including myself) who are still using In-Box to Go, there is an update that is out that I missed. They usually email us, but either they didn't since it's not a major update or I missed it. So just in case you're not aware of it, check the web site.

    Good Luck.
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    Well I finally threw in the towel and went with Snapper. Great app and love the auto retrieve feature.

    I got tired of paying $49/per year. (yes per year) for Inbox to Go. The app worked was great for me and seldom failed. I was reluctant to change when it was working so well.

    Then I tried the trial version of Snapper and haven't looked back.
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