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    I know this is a well worn topic, but Ive read one too many "I got it working" posts to give up just yet.

    I have a 325i w/Bluetooth and a Treo 650 w/Bluetooth, and I just cant seem to get them to speak with each other. Here's where I am:

    Applied the PalmOne car kit on the Treo, turned Bluetooth on and then attempted to add the BMW as a trusted device. The pairing process went just fine until the Treo asked me for the BMWs Bluetooth passkey. The PK is printed on a sheet with the vehicle's manual, and after I enter it and hit OK the Treo immediately says 'Unable to connect with BMW19396'. The BMW now shows as a 'Known Device' on the Treo, but wont get past the PK entry when I try to readd the vehicle.

    I know the PK is correct, because I was able to add the vehicle as a trusted device once before (and before I knew of the PalmOne carkit update). Is there a way to remove the BMW as a 'known device' from the Treo and start the process all over in case the initial pairing attempt didnt complete successfully?

    And last but not least, any more "I got it working" stories involving the Treo 650 and 325i lately? I love these two devices, and if I can get them working together life would be just about perfect.
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    salvatore, if you get to pair them, it would still not work. Mine connect with the car and after 5 sec goes into a reset loop. it's a known issue with the 3 series. I have a 325i 2005.
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    I'm having pretty much this problem with a Nokia carkit, Treo650 in my Jeep. Hope someone's got an answer.,..
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    Forgot to mention mine is a 2005 325 as well. The one time I was able to get them to pair (before the carkit patch) I experienced the reset loop as well.

    Granted, if my Treo not talking to my BMW is the worst thing my life at the moment, things must be pretty good overall. I cant complain, but sometimes I still do...
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    Update to this.

    I managed to pair the Treo to the vehicle this afternoon, but whenever there is an incoming or outgoing call the phone resets itself.

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    yup. mine resets when it tries to transfer the phonebook. hopefuly they will come up with a patch for BMW

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