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    My company has instituted a remote internet site to access our company network. We use Citrix Remote Access.

    I would like to connect to it using a modem module (any modem module) but dont know if any of the browsers out there are capable of handling Citrix.

    My understanding is that the Citrix ActiveX control must be available for the browser in orde to access the site. For instance, Internet Explorer version 5 and above comes with the control. Netscape requires a plug-in. AOL's default browser (Mosaic?) doesn't have a version of this control.

    Can anyone shed any light on this ? It would be MUCH appreciated!

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    I'll renounce anything chocolate for a week if there is a Palm OS web browser that supports ActiveX. However, I've seen mention of a alpha or beta version of a Java client for the Palm OS; and there is a java version of the ICA Client . . . so that might work. However, I have a hard time seeing a 160x160 screen working as a remote Windows desktop. Perhaps with a special in-house app?

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