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    Does anyone have info on the charging methods/times?

    It seems the car charger charges much slower than AC (which is still slow), and I read a thread mentioning the use of the USB port to charge is a trickle charge...

    I'm on mine all the time, and need faster charging
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    I find that AC charger to be pretty fast. Never seems to take more than about 2 hours. When mine is connected via USB and the hotsync cable it will charge at a rate of about 2-3% per hour. I oftentime leave it plugged in though just to maintain the charge so I'll have juice when I'm out of the office.
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    Anyone used the emergency charger that uses a 9 volt battery to charge the Treo? I'm wondering how fast that is. I can't remember which Treo site I saw it on.
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    I use a 1 ft. cable with my original round wall adapter. I find it charges 5 to 10 times faster than using a 3 ft. cable.

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