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    All of a sudden, trying to enter any information into the calendar was all but impossible. It was incredibly slow. So slow that it took three to four seconds to enter a single character.

    However, after deleting the "Txn Log <some number>" file, everything was back to normal. This Transaction Log File I believe keeps track of information synched in and out of NVFS. If it's deleted, it's simply recreated automatically. My Txn Log file had grown to almost 3MB before I deleted it. now it's 3kB.
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    You're a genius! I had been using Versamail but got fed up with only having a week of my calendar at a time on my Treo. Last night I synched with my laptop and brought all of my old calendar entries back and then today entering calendar entries was painfully slow. Essentially my calendar was rendered useless. Memo pad worked no problem and I was stumped till I pulled up your thread.

    Did you see another thread suggesting deleting the Txn Log file or are you innately brilliant? Any problems since deleting the file? (Mine had grown to over 1.5MB).

    Thanks again.
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    :-) Thanks Cheers! No, I just did some careful troubleshooting of all the files on the Treo.

    All the best,
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    I'm currently experiencing a very slow calendar app.
    However, I cannot find the log file mentioned above. Where should it reside and how should I go about deleting it?
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    Pure Genuis... This worked like a champ. To find the file you need a utility like fileman or some other file utility that looks under the hood. THIS ROCKS! Thank you!
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    Works like a charm - used filez to remove it. Thanks!
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    Wow, thanks Conrad, worked perfectly for me. Just started this morning, was trying to enter appt and it took 3 secs for each letter! I thought maybe I had too many records. support useless. Deleted the file with Filez (it was only 750k) and Calendar is back to normal. Thanks again!
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    Excellent! Thank you so much for this!

    Chad Garrett
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    Your method worked perfectly--thank you.

    P.S. I didn't find this thread until I had searched using the word "slow" instead of "sluggish", so here are some additional keywords to help future searchers: slow sluggish frozen glacial unresponsive calendar datebook appointments.
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    Great tip! Worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

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