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    When I try to Sync and my SD card is in the 650 the process does not complete, and I have to cancel and reboot both handheld and PC.

    650 says Synchronizing midataidcache v.s. PC says Synchronizing media

    they stay like this for some minutes till I cancel and then they both continue to "cancelling" and freeze up.

    When I remove the sd card prior to synching I avoid this problem.

    Can anyone shed light on this?

    Need I remember to remove the media each time I Synch?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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    I had a similar problem. Rather than spend time diagnosing it, and since I don't use the Media conduit to move photos/MP3's/etc to and from the Treo, I simply set the default action for the Media conduit to "Do nothing." Been working perfectly ever since.
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