Anyone know if this will work without causing the eGrip to peel over many times in and out of the case? The following is a fine print under the eGrips page on Treocentral:

egrips are made of an extremely aggressive material that grips to almost anything. To ensure that egrips remain in good condition, do not attempt to push or slide the device once the egrips are in contact with another surface. Over a period of time, handling the device in such a manner may cause the clear top layer to separate or the egrips to peel off the device.

eGrips told me directly the following:

<2nd email after I told the guy I had the Bellagio> It <Bellageo Vertical case> looks like they should work just fine. Unfortunately we cannot test every case on the market.

Thanks for your interest in egrips! A forum (like found on TreoCentral)
may be a better place to ask this type of question.


<1st email>
If the design is like a holster that the unit "drops" into, then egrips
will be fine. If the design is like a glove that the Treo 650 "slides"
into with a push, then egrips will not work.

Thanks for your interest in egrips!