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    That is, anyone in the Seattle area that isn't on Cingular and has a Cingular Treo 650 GSM phone.

    I received my subsidy unlock code from Cingular but I want to test it by using another SIM from another carrier, to verify that it is the real deal.

    If you do, you can send an email to
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    Why don't you just stop in a local TMobile store...I'm sure someone there could help you test it out.
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    That was my first thought. But I was a little concerned with what they might do (i.e. lock it to their service ).

    What I thought I could do is to go in and say

    1) I'm condidering switching to T-Mobile
    2) Try and borrow someone's SIM and see the results if it was put in my phone.
    3) Then, unlock the phone, and repeat step 2, to verify it was indeed unlocked.

    Sound right?

    Do all T-Mobile SIMs fit (or are of proper size) to work in the 650 or do I need to get a particular SIM type? Will any T-Mobile SIM do?

    The reason I ask is that Cingular said my 600 SIM wasn't the right one for the 650. But, I think they might have just lied.
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    Yeah...SIMS are all the same size. I won't worry about them doing anything to your phone...but keep it within sight anyway. Just tell them your believe your phone is unlock, but want to confirm. See if someone will let you try their SIM. Enter the unlock code. As long as they think you are a potential customer, they should help. I've had several Cingular employees offer to let me use their SIM to see if my TMo Nokia was I don't know why it wouldn't work the other way around as well.
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    You really think that soliciting a SIM card over the internet is easier than finding a friend with a T-mobile account and using their SIM card!? If so.. Perhaps you should consider less time on the internet and more time making friends...

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