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    I just had a short heart failure. I uploaded files to my SD card using an external card reader and when I reinserted my SD card into my Treo, I got an error saying the card was unreadable. I did a soft reset on my Treo and it can now read it, but that sure was scary.

    Is there a safe way to clone/backup your SD card?
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    The simple no cost option is to manually copy the contents of the card to your PC. The more automatic method would be to use something like BackupBuddy Professional (for Windows or Mac) which backs up the Card in the Treo during a hotsync. The Missing Sync for Mac might also have this ability.
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    I've had this same issue and it was so bad, I was even unable to re-format the card. What I found in other posts (don't you just love those say "do a search"), is that if the card is incompletely inserted or removed, it can trash the cards FAT (for lack of the "correct" term). Sometimes it can re-establish it and other times it gives you that error. I've had a couple of times, where my finger slipped and I inserted/removed the card at the same time, or didn't completely insert it. I'm more careful with this now.
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