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    I was just curious if anyone has seen any software that use the mic on the visor? I realize you can't play back sound without a speaker module of some kind, but is there any software that uses the microphone? Maybe speech to text software or something?


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    I realize you can't play back sound without a speaker module of some kind
    You've kind-of got it backward. The Visor is already capable of making sounds, but the microphone is not connected to anything except the springboard port. So the real question is: do any springboards make use of the microphone.

    I'm not aware of any.
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    Actually, the Thincomm Wristband Modem uses the microphone as a speaker when connecting. Not exactly audiophile quality (hehehe not even close actually) but clear enough to listen for connect/busy when dialling.
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    Are you sure it uses the microphone (I don't actually have a thincom, but..). I would be surprised if it did. I pretty sure that it uses the internal speaker of the Visor which, as you said has horrible sound qualities.
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    I would not swear to it ... BUT the sound is coming from the direct vicinity of the MIC 'hole' on the frontside - bottom left. I dont know where the 'so-called-speaker' <g> is located on the Visor but it would have to be VERY close to that MIC hole.

    Do you know where the speaker is located?
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    When I listen to the Visor, the speaker is very close to the mic. That might be the cause of confusion.

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