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    Unlocked 650 on Cingular service, no go.

    I'm on my 2nd unlocked 650, that won't operate on Cingular's network.

    This one freezes/crashes even after a hard reset & no apps or data on it (hasn't been sync'ed yet). When it freezes the screen is lit, but it won't respond to key presses. I can't even dial. And I've yet to get either of them thru more then 3 complete calls br=efore they lock/crash.

    Oh yeah, I have the Axalto SIM card also. Neither PalmOne or Cingular can help me, so number two is going back, guess I'll wait for the Verizon CDMA version.
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    I have an unlocked 650 that I purchased directly from PalmOne. To get it to work on Cingular, all I had to do was to take my SIM card from my other phone and insert it into my 650. Works like a charm. Wish I could be of more help. If you have any other specific questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.
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    Unless you have received two lemons I can't imagine what the problem is. In addition, there have been many posts from people that originally had locked phones and then received the unlock code from Cingular. They haven't experienced the same problem that you have had.

    Did you get your 650 directly from palmOne?
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    I have an unlocked 650 that works fine on Cingular. Several resets, but nothing out of the norm.
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    I have an unbranded 650 from PalmOne that I'm using with Cingular. On a few occasions I have had a SIM card error 400B. Then in 5-10 minutes it would connect to the network and life was good again. It does make me wonder what this error is. Does anyone know?
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    I am using an unlocked 650 with an AT&T SIM and it's just fine. Do you have one of the "incompatable" SIMs maybe?
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    Well, my unlocked 650 has been a disaster. It resets itself 30 plus times a day. it freezes up in the middle of phone calls, and even tech support has acknoweldged that it needs to be replaced. Speaking of that, my experience with Palm support has been horrendous. All in all, I have never had such a bad "out of the box" experience with a piece of electronic equipment. I have been on hold and dealing with incompetent people for over two hours this morning.
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    I'm also using an unbranded GSM 650 that I bought from PalmOne on Cingular. Just popped in the SIM. No problems at all.
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    I bought my 650 directly from Palm as well. It is unlocked, unbranded. I had to change user names as I gave my 600 to my husband and the hot sync was screwed up. I was on the phone with Palm for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Got someone from the Phillipines. The problem was resolved and I do get a soft reset once in a while but overall it works fine. I did install clean uninstaller and removed a few programs that I could live without. I kept filez, butler, agendus, holdem, lazy daisy, monopoly, bookworm and tones. I downloaded a few new ringtones. I still havent figured out how to use my email. One thing at a time. Pati
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    No problems here with PalmOne branded GSM on Cingular network in NYC area.
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    I have an unlolcked 650 that I got from Vienna last week.
    No problems on the Cingular system so far.

    I have not synched the phone yet, and I have loaded very few apps as of yet to get a feel for the phone performance.
    I transfered my Cingular "Gemplus" branded sim from my 600 into the 650 with no problem.

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