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    I was wondering if there is a 3rd party scheduler out there that I'd enjoy using more than the one we get with the 650.

    My work schedule changes every week, and I don't work the same hours every day, and I often work till wee hours in the morning. So the frustration sets in in a few ways with the sheduler we have.

    First, it takes me longer to enter all the info into my palm for one day, than it does for me to write the entire week's schedule on a peice of paper.

    Second, if I tell my treo that I work passed midnight, the same appointment shows up on both days, very annoying when viewing your Monthly calandar.

    Third, if I do work 2 days in a row with the same hours, and I tell my palm to repeat daily untill, when I have it open to the screen that shows upcoming appointments/tasks, the second day does not show up, and I screwed up twice because of it.

    Now don't get me wrong, other than my work schedule, I love everything about it. I was kind of hoping that there might be a 3rd party program that is a bit more effecient in this manner that would write it to the scheduler we already have. That would fix problem one and three. The second one, I really can live with, but if I don't have to, I'd rather not.

    Any advice or help is appreciated, even if it's just a "suck it up kid" post
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    Perhaps Datebk5 ot Agendus might work for you, I personally use Agendus for palm as well as Agendus for Windows and it keeps me organized.
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    I've been using datebook5 for several years now. It's a very versatile system.
    my schedule also changes very frequently.
    Datebk5 can set up templates so I just pull down a template with the project and budget number I'm working on and just change the times
    if it's a 2 day project I just do a "copy appointment" (menu drop down, then 'O')
    change the date then bingo done.
    as for overnight appointments I think it does the two day thing. I don't have a lot of those.

    I'm pretty happy with it and it's the main thing I do with my pda, now treo.
    they have a very liberal trial period of 45 days. so check it out.

    over at they just did a review of some pims, they didn't give datebk5 a good review. but it works for me and many others.
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    Are you not near a computer when you write out your schedule? Entering info into outlook, for instance, might make your life easier. Hotsync and you're on your way.

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