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    Hi all,

    Just upgraded from a T600 to the T650 and while the hardware looks much better I'm having a nightmare getting all my old applications and data sync'd onto the new 650. The hot sync keeps crashing due to lack of available memory. There are two questions I'd like to ask:-

    1. How do I smoothly transit from a fully loaded T600 with lots of 3rd party software and data to an out of the box T650. I've followed the instructions without success.
    2. If there isn't enough memory on a T650 for all the applications I need can I somehow store apps on the SD card and launch them from there?

    PLEASE PLEASE help me.
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    you need a 3rd party launcher to run apps off the card such as zlauncher or PowerRun to name a few. as far as upgrading from a 600 I don't know but search I recall seeing threads about that in the past.. hope this helps..
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    while i dont have memory issues(cause i got a FREE 128mb card w/treo 650 , as should you) i have seen post here where people use zlauncher or apps like that to move things to sd card. far as i know you can run certain apps from the sd card without any extra apps though, via palm desktop(quick install) do a search moving apps to sd card or zlauncher
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    Cheers Don, I'll have a look.
    Ko Samet beach & a Treo650 - the perfectly connected stress free office
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    my first hotsync was a nightmare.

    I think this is actually in the install guide, and I have confirmed this works.

    Copy your ould hs/palm folder with a new name to a new location.
    uninstall palm desktop and all components
    delete the hs/palm app folder
    do a new, clean install of the desktop
    move apps and data from the old folder to the 650

    once I did this, I had no problem getting all my apps onto the Treo, as well as all my data and more - without the sd card.

    i believe it is a bad installer - I tried to install the new desktop (over the old) and hotsync and gave up 3 hrs later when i couldn;t complete a hotsync. in desparation, i took this approach, and it worked great (apparently this is in the manual - go figure)

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