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    Please parden if this question has been asked a few thousand times. I did a quick search and there was too much to dig though.

    I am wanting to get myself a TREO 650 phone. I am currently on the Sprint PCS network (chicago-land area).

    I understand that when a phone is "unlocked" that it is not tied to any 1 service.

    I believe I understand that CMDA and GSM are the types of "networks" that the cell providers use and that they will not work together. I believe that Sprint is a CMDA network.

    So if I were to shop around for a TREO 650, I would need to find a CMDA version of this phone to have it work with my Sprint network, correct??
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    Sprint and Verizon use CDMA Treos. For practical purposes they are not interchangable, so you'd want a Treo 650 with the Sprint logo on it and the steel blue case. GSM Treos can only work with T-Mobile, Cingular/ATT and a few smal carriers around the US... their advantage is that they also work with carriers in other countries.
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