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    I have just set up missing sync to allow me to sync my new treo 650 with ical and address book on my powerbook. I am doing the syncing with isync. All is working well apart from I can't work out how to sync word and excel documents. The treo has Documents to go already loaded, do I need to get Documents to go from somewhere to load onto the powerbook? Can anyone help me with a SIMPLE solution?

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    I went to the link you supplied and searched the data viz sight but couldn't find the DTG mac conduit. in the interim i have tried to load Documents to go from the disc supplied with the treo but can't seem to get it to start. I have the icon on the desk top but zilch happens when I click on it.
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    I have now found the DTG conduit on the CD supplied with the treo. But when I go to open it it comes up with an error

    "The application "HotSync Manager" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "2<HotSync Manager><HotSync Manager><TransportLib><>"

    Does anyone have ant clues?


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