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    has anyone heard of wired or wireles remote controll / mouse for Treos? Similar to the inline remotes that are found on Discman & MP3 players.
    The area I my car that I would like to place my Treo wwould be slightly out of reach but would alow for safer and easier visability when in the car.

    Any thoughts?
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    I would REALLY like something like that too. I am guessing that it would need to plug into the multiconnector. All it really needs to be is an "external D-Pad", since most media apps respond to the DPad for pause/ffwd/rwnd/vol up/vol down anyway. Then my TREO could REALLY replace my ipod (which i still use because i never have take it out of my pocket cuz of the remote).
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    Just to add on...I think that adding a mic to the remote panel would be REALLY cool. Then you'd be able to use ur own headphones to listen to music, and when a call comes in, you can use the mic to answer it. Sorta like seidio's 2-in-1 stereo headset adaptor (where you can use ur own headphones) but with the DPad on it to control a media player.
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    yeah, so we can sing karaoke songs.
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    Do a search for a program called HeadsetControl. Might be somewhat of what your looking for.
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    yeah i got it. its cool. I was using Freedom which IMHO sucks. but that headsetcontrol app along with areoplayer/ptunes works great. so i am happy for now.

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