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    Just wanted to spread the word. If you're looking for a 1GB SD card for your Treo this is a good buy at
    Limited Online Offer:
    Valid for orders placed March 14, 2005 through March 20, 2005.
    Online price: $89.99
    *Less 20% -$18.00
    YOUR COST $71.99
    *The 20% manufacturer's coupon will be automatically deducted at checkout.** No coupon number is needed.
    It comes to $86.69 with tax (California,) & shipping. (UPS) Ground shipping (7-10 day) is the only option on this item. 'Express' shipping is not available on this item.
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    Sorry, you're bumping old news...
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    Thanks. Actually, I was looking for the 1 GB Sandisk Ultra CF for my camera. Upon checking out the web site found it was on sale too. Ordered.


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