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    After looking around I found an awesome armband case for the treo...although my pictures arent fits the case almost perfectly...besides having to cut some holes in it...for the antenna and headphones...and the case is clear so you dont have to take your phone out to use it!....

    It is a Tune Belt Ab2 made for the Ipod and can be found at your local Good Guys!
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    I bought one of these, and other than the lack of a place for the antenna and a hole for the headset, I'd have to agree... I've planned out a couple of simple modifications to the case to make it more 'treo-centric'... I'm going to put 1/4" eyelet in the bottom, for the headset ($2.45 for a pack of 100 plus the tool), and have it at a tailor's right now to sew a button hole vertically across the top of the flap for the antenna. I'll post pics with the results when I get it back.

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'd bought a ripoff holster that fits the treo well, but didn't have an armband solution for it yet - this will work better, and is easier to slip the treo into and out of!

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