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    I'm a new 650 user and I'm trying to find an application for wireless calendar syncronization... I'm actually a bit surprised that I'm having so much trouble finding one.

    All I want to do is syncronize my exchange 2003 calendar with my 650. I've tried Cingular's Xpress mail that came with my 650, but that only lets me view my calendar... I can't make or change appoints on the Treo, so Xpress mail is out.

    From what I've seen Goodlink will work beautifully, but there's no way I can afford it, so that's out.

    Right now I'm using versimail for the calendar only (I'm using chatter for email). This works, but I'm having some problems getting it to sync from the Treo to exchange... I also hate having to do the auto sync... I'd really like a push solution.

    Surely there must be something out there that can do what I want... no?

    Also... is there anything that can do contacts wirelessly as well?

    Thanks much,
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    I don't use Exchange, but I was surprised to find how few over the air calendar syncing solutions there are.

    I use Schedule World (free) and SyncML to sync with my Treo 650. The SyncML client I use is from This does not give 'push', but it still works really well.

    I think Schedule World has some syncing to outlook, and I think there is a plugin coming to sync to exchange.
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    BrettS, did you ever give NexChange a shot? We are going to add user options to disable datastore's
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    Hi dt... I did briefly try NexChange, but I ran into two issues. First, because I've been using Exchange for some time I had more than 5,000 appointments on my calendar going back to the late 90's. Obviously I don't need to see those appointments on my treo, but (perhaps unfortunately) I do need to leave them there. Since I couldn't set NexChange to syncronize a date range it took hours to do the sync. This was not acceptable.

    Second, at the time I tried it NexChange didn't do any background syncronizations... I had to manually start it every time. This also was unacceptable. We traded emails and it sounded like this was going to change, however.

    I actually still haven't found anything good for calendar syncronization yet... I'm using versamail... which is free and basically works, but it's still not everything I'm looking for.

    Can NexChange do background syncs now? Can I tell it to only import things from, say, the past two weeks to anything in the future or will it work better with 5,000+ appointments?

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    Well i am very happy to say that NexChange now has a data range setting for email and calendar. The defaults are 3 weeks for email and 3 months for calendar. Right now we are really working hard on the auto-sycn feature.

    So be sure to check back every now and then We are also going to support subfolders, public folders and the offline address book.

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