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    I just read up on how to best use the SD Card with Docs to Go, and life is good.

    Docs to Go does tend to use up RAM as it is run and exited - so I guess I'll have to soft reset after using it a lot to recover RAM. I found this out with the Memory Info application that oscarc has kindly provided.

    My first two soft resets after loading up Docs to Go into the SD Card locked up the device - but it seem to be fine, now. Go figure ?!?!?

    After a soft reset I have, per Memory Info,

    11464KB free Flash memory.
    7831KB free NVFS Cache, with 7827KB being the largest free chunk, and
    4857KB free Dynamix Heap RAM.

    After running Docs to Go and opening and closing some Word, Excel and PowerPoint doc, I have:

    11464KB free Flash memory.
    6828KB free NVFS Cache, with 5709KB being the largest free chunk, and
    4857KB free Dynamix Heap RAM.

    Repeating the above, I seem to lose a little more each time, but it's not too bad.

    It's also interesting to note that Docs to Go reports "10.72MB free as of last HotSync operation," even though there is really 11.2 MB available - of course, maybe there is a built-in cushion in Docs to Go so that you don't try to Sync something too big.
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    Remember, a MB is not 1000KB. It is 1,048, I think.
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