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    Just thought I'd ask if anyone's found the SE HBH 660 at a lower price than Dan's Cellular for $88 (Shipping Included)?
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    I bought one today through pricegrabber..

    malcom wireless - $84.94 shipped.

    I haven't purchased this way before.. I don't know how long it will take to get here but it was the cheapest I could find.
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    I bought from Malcom and there were no problems with my order. great price and fast shipping
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    Malcom is the way to go. I was a bit leery of getting it from them via Pricegrabber, but the transaction went perfectly. I would buy from them again.
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    ..that's so name is jules k....
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    Dans actually has it for $85 shipped

    Malcomwireless appears to have a great seller rating tho... Go for it.

    Dont forget your gels
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    Yeah, malcom same day shipped. I'm impressed. Now I kind of wish I would have done the next day shipping. Queens to San Diego takes a few more days.
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    Yup, went with Dan's...didn't get the eargels yet though. My typical headset usage is just in my apartment, so I'm not sure the volume is going to be an issue. I don't deal well with earplugs or the earplug-like headphones that they have out. Thx for the replies!
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    funny! i'd never heard of malcolmwireless until i did a search the other day, and now my hbh660 is due to arrive tomorrow!!
    thanks for makeing me feel better about my purchase!
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    malcolm wireless is awesome.

    i ordered on a saturday and shipped same day!

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    I'm selling mine if anyone's interested. I didn't like the fit personally and opted for the HBH300. $65 plus $5 for shipping. PM me if you're serious or I'll just ebay it.
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    kevroc ill buy it I'm on my treo so no pm please shoot me an email @
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    I have a brand new (1 week old) HBH-600 I bought brand new on Ebay. The 600 is exactly like the 660, except it does not have the caller ID function. If anyone is interested in a great deal, PM me or e-mail me at

    Its just sitting in my office, so my loss is your gain. I decided to stick with my Logitech, which works really well, by the way.

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    Seems like you can get a "free" car charger when ordering the 660 from Dan's.
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    Yeah, good point!

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