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    Hi there, happy Treo people.

    I'm just getting up to speed on my new Treo 650 (note to others: a USian 650 works fine in Australia). The down side to being back in Australia is that the GPRS bandwidth is dreadfully expensive, 10c/kilobyte after 2MB is the best plan I got. After paying $20 for unlimited with T-Mo, it's a bit of a shock.

    Anyway, I set Versamail up with a couple of accounts, which I want to use when needed but not autosync because of bandwidth issues. Everything seems to be configured fine, but often when I check Versamail has invisibly and sneakily fetched more mail from my POP server. I've never caught it doing it, but the emails aren't getting on there by magic.

    Anyway, what am I missing? AutoSync is unchecked in the preferences. What else could be causing this? When is it doing its stealth syncs? I haven't heard any alerts for new mail either, but the number is showing up on the phone screen, always increasing.

    I'm sorry if this is a FAQ or I'm dense, I did search around but didn't find anything related to this problem.

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    OK, I'm an ***** but I will clear things up on the off chance someone makes the same mistake I do. It's happening at HotSync... duh! Somehow it's pulling down new mail and only for the right accounts - I will now investigate - but not stealing bandwidth.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

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