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    This a two part question. The first part is background to the later question but if somebody has input to the first question I would appreciate any input.

    1. Today I use Entourage 2004 primarily for email. My appt calendar is now via a paper system which hopefully the T650 will change.

    Looking at Entourage I notice that you can create groups and categories. Is there a hierarchy to these designation or are they mutually exclusive? Or can a contact belong to both?

    I work as a personal trainer for several different facilities and on my own. I want to be able to see all of my contacts and synch them all at once globally.

    At a given facility (maybe 5 or so) I would have: clients that I train, mgt contacts, other club contacts, members that are not clients that may become a client in the future or just people that I have met there.

    Once I enter the contact data do I make them part of a group or a category? Or can I do both. Is a newly entered contact at facility, first part of a group (the health club) and can I also assign them to a category (client / Management)?

    Once I am in a facility I want to be able to look only at the contacts at that facility for privacy reasons.

    2. I am giving this background because my concern. Will the Palm - Entourage conduit sync all of these "classes" or is it limited in some fashion?

    OR should I be looking at another product to keep my contact information that would offer me the flexibility that i need. Including personal contacts the total probably would never exceed 1,000 contacts.

    I have read that the Entourage 2004 - Palm conduit is the cleanest for a MAC solution.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    I don't know how clean it actually is but I have been reading up on the 'gaps' in the syncing as I will soon be migrating to Entrouge. There is a program called MacPocket(?) that supposedely is better at mapping the various fields between the two platforms. I know that you had better sync 'up' from the handheld otherwise your categories will be lost. You cannot obviously have multiple categories per contact on the handheld as you do on the desktop. Not sure how Entrouge decides which one to map going downstream. Bunch of other stuff; I'll try to find the links for you when I get back home.
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    You may want to look at this product. I found a review in mac World April 2005. It is a power full contact management product geared to sales people. It works in conjunction with mail and also synchs to a Palm.

    When people say synch i think of filtering info from a central site ie the Mac to a Palm included application or other palm compatibile application with a limited number of fields. Also synch back to that Mac based application.

    Do you know where I could find a list of the fields in the Palm software so i can get an idea what it is capable of storing?

    BTW the marketcircle web has a lot of video demoing how their product works. If i was back in sales this would be a great product.

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