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    Howdy - I'm a new Treo user and in principle am pretty happy with the unit, despite the fact it seems pretty buggy and resets it self every few days for no apparent reason.

    I do have a problem with bluetooth that I'm hoping someone can give me some advice/assistance on.... It may just be incompatability, but -

    I waited for the Treo 650 to come along as BT was a very important feature to me. It talks to my pc just fine (after many days of stuffing around to get it set up).

    I have a Nokia CK-W1 set up in my car which works perfectly well with my Nokia 6230 and the 3 or 4 other phones I've tried and played with. The 650 is a problem - After a lot of trying I've FINALLY managed to get the CK-W1 setup as a trusted device in the 650, but the problem is they don't automatically talk to each other when they should.

    The way it works with other phones - when both in the car,on and powered, they are just automatically on and HF - not so with the 650. So what am I doing wrong?

    Same deal with my BT headset - trusted device etc, but the Treo seems to drop the connection if I don't use it immediately after turning it on and connecting.


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    sorry, should have added - I'm in Australia, it's a GSM and I've tried the carkit patch on the US Palmone site and it doesn't work.
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    Do you have "wake up" in BT on the phone enabled?

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    No, where's that. I'm leaving BT on.

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