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    If I don't have the "Enable Local Network Time if Available" box checked in Preferences | Date & Time, my clock will lose a 1/2 hour during the day. If I sync my Treo 650's clock or time with the radio or wall clock in the morning, by the end of the day it will be a 1/2 hour behind. If I check it, it keeps the current time (plus or minus a minute or two from the radio and\or radio time)

    Has anyone else experienced this? Do you use the "Enable Local Network Time if Available" feature?

    I am on an Unlocked Treo 650 on the T-Mobile network.
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    No way Carl. I have been running without the enable local network time checked for the past couple of weeks since Jeff Gibson told us to shut it off. Treo drift is not noticable on a daily basis. I use WorldMate to sync to atomic clock servers. You have an issue there. Typically, something is running in the background which is causing the cpu to be miscalculating the time.
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    Exactly what does this function do? Does it cause battery drain at all? Should i have it disabled? Thanks.
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    it syncs automatically with the Carrier's server for time. This is outlined in a post previously that it can cause problems due to some issue with the 650. It is not an issue with the 600. Do a search and find out.

    Others have commented like myself that the built in clock will stay quite accurate without the network settings.
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    Enable Local Network Time merely syncs the Treo clock with your carrier's network time. If you move between time zones, you don't have to reset the clock. The down side is that Jeff Gibson discovered that that function is the root cause of many of the reset problems most of us have experienced. Disabling that function makes the 650 much more stable.
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    I have a GSM unlocked version with it enabled. I have not had a problem with it. It syncs to the new time zone as soon as I turn it on.
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    It seemed to be a problem with the Sprint version of the 650, when it reset it would set back the clock to like 1980 or something and wreak havoc with some time sensitive apps. This is NOT a problem on the GSM 650s, as I have a Cingular with Network Time enabled, and you KNOW I have resetted at least once (a day ) for some reason or another (like installing new beta versions of Chatter ) and I have not had any of the symptons associated with this problem.
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