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    Just got one yesterday. Took the $449 plunge at the local Cingular store.
    Man I love this device. EDGE is so fast.

    One thing I found interesting though, when I bought it I was told by the salesman that I needed the $39.99/month package to use the internet stuff unlimited. But this morning I had a problem connecting to the data network(they apparently turned off the data service on me) and while they were getting it turned back on the csr tells me, you know you should just go with the unlimited for $24.99. He said your not using your phone as a modem right? I said nope and asked if can I do mail and all that jazz and he says yes unlimited access to that. I told him then set it up.

    I've been playing with it all day and I can get mail and use versachat to IM and the web is fast. So it looks like I might have dodged the $40 cingular bullet for now.
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    Sounds like you got one of the very few good CSR's. The more you use the 650, the more you're gonna love it.
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    Yeah, the $25 plan is the right one for the Treo 650. Cingular has not done a good job communicating to its sales force.
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    Yeah I think it's best to avoid the Cingular "branded" stores and go to the regular "brick and mortars" that offer all carriers. When I did this I cut $125 off the price, cut the contract time in half and didn't have to tell Cingular that I have a PDA phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    go to the regular "brick and mortars" that offer all carriers.
    Do you have an example of what you mean by this? e.g, Best Buy?

    What kind of contract length did you get? One year?

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    Just wait until the resets, crashes, low volume, echos, hissing and crippled bluetooth issues finally wear you down. I liked my Treo too when I got it.
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    hariustrk - 80% of Treo 650 owners are pretty satified with the device. Then there is that other 20% that things didn't go so well for. More than likely you are part of the 80 and not the 20. So enjoy and ignore the "just wait until..." talk.

    Some polls that prove the 80/20 rule exist here:
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    The 24.99 MediaNet option is no longer available for selection for the Treo 650 at the Cingular website. Its the $44.99 ($39 with certain voice plans). Highway robbery.
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    The trick is to not buy the service WITH the phone. Buy the phone, wait a day or two go to the site, log into My Account, look at available features and see the following:

    Available Features

    Feature Monthly Charge

    Data Connect 20MB $34.99 Add feature
    Data Connect 10MB $24.99 Add feature
    PDA Connect - Unlimited $39.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 2500 messages/month $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - Unlimited $24.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 8 MB/month $19.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 200 messages/month $4.99 Add feature
    Extended Nights and Weekends $7.00 Add feature
    MEdia Works $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Basic $9.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - 4 MB/month $34.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - Unlimited $44.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Shared Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Voice Connect $4.99 Add feature
    Detailed Billing $0.99 Add feature
    Enhanced Voice Mail $3.99 Add feature
    Roadside Assistance $2.99 Add feature
    Three-Way Calling $0.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 50 messages/month $2.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 500 KB/month $4.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 1000 messages/month $9.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 3 MB/month $9.99 Add feature
    Basic Voice Mail $1.99 Add feature
    Call Forwarding $0.99 Add feature
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    I did my homework on the treo and I'm prepared for possible issues.

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