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    I ordered a treo silicon case and screen protector from them about a month ago. I recieved the case and protector and the case was great. The screen protector, made for the Treo 600, was a wedge of plastic. I placed it on the screen and it had about 1/8" gap on 2 of the sides if i pushed it into one corner. It slid around and when I answered my phone, the damn thing fell off and I lost it.

    Looking at my phone, it left scratch marks where it slid around.

    After emailing them about it on Feb 15th, I got an email the next day asking if it was the right one for my phone and I again said yes, it says Treo 600 on the box. I responded to that one that day and then again on the 21st becuase I recieved no response.

    I finally got a response on the 21st asking if I wanted a replacement or a refund. After stating I wanted a refund, I recieved no response from them again. I emailed them again on the 28th and after no response, again today, march 16.

    I strongly reccomend that no one order from them as they are a very poor run company. Take your money elsewhere.

    My question is, is it their issue that my screen is scratched by their so called "protector"?
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    Some companies are just too busy to deal with some person who wants a refund. I'm not trying to insult you, but you should give them some time.
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