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    Quote Originally Posted by phillydog
    I can't figure out why this program is worth $.02 It seems like the only thing it allows you to do is to listen to audio through the Treo supplied earpiece and then allow you to receive a call through the same earpiece. Why after investing about $20 in Pocket Tunes would you listen to your favorite music through a tinny monaural speaker. I have used a decent set of Sony earbuds with the Treo adaptor in the gym. When interrupted by a phone call which is only audible through the earpiece, all you have to do is hold the Treo to a reasonable distance from your mouth and converse in reasonably quiet tones. The Treo earpiece's quality is only acceptable for phone calls and this program really seems to do little.
    I wanted it so I could use my Jabra A210 bt adapter and Moto 820 headset for pocket tunes and audible books while working out or riding my bike (more than once I almost ripped the headset cord out of my phone by accident).
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    I have the same problem. Its just a tad bit annoying.
    I just tried the previous version (1.2) : no more screen flashes! I hope Toysoft can figure out what changed when they released the upgrade and fix this...but for now 1.2 does the trick on my Treo 600.
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    I still get the screen flashes with the latest Freedom version 2.0.1 - really annoying. Hey Toysoft - any chance you could figure out what is causing this (Sprint Treo 600)?
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