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    There are one or two people in my contacts list that show up in SMS messages as "Unnamed". Seems like it used to work correctly before the first hot-sync. Tried hard reset, deleting contact in question on palm and computer and re-adding, and also deleting the sms database in the backup before re-syncing. No good. If you choose new message, and look up in contacts, I can select that person, and their name comes up, but after I send the message and look in the "sent messages" folder their name has been changed back to "Unnamed". Any suggestions? Treo 650, Sprint, btw.
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    Actually, not just SMS issue. People in question don't show up in caller ID, either, even though they clearly have contact information with correct phone number, etc...
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    I have exactly the same problem with my 650. No names for SMS chat threads, no Caller ID. very frustrating. Have you found a solution, or do you think the 650 ROM update might sort it out (which is available to you at the moment, since you're a Sprint user)? Would like to know what you find out.

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