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    I ended up returning my phone to Wirefly... It was within my 30-day purchase period, I called, and complained about the constant crashing, and they gave me an Return Authorization number right way.

    Just sent back the package via UPS with the shipping label that came with the original package. Hopefully it'll get there in once piece and I'll see a full refund in a few days.

    Now the question is what to do with my Cingular account. I did a number portability switch from T-Mobile when I got the treo... I want to keep the Cingular account so I don't lose my number... Will they waive the 2 year contract agreement since I didn't really get a subsidized phone?

    I'm going to use my unlocked Nokia series 60 in the meantime, and consider buying an unlocked Treo through PalmOne or through our corporate program at work....
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    On my 4th 650 because of HALRADIO..Wake not asserted in time...
    It is a known issue so send it back. Cingular has been helpful in sending you a replacement. BEWARE, you may be getting a refurbished Treo back instead of a new one. My last one came with its side button missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstroot
    I have an unlocked GSM Treo - I'm convinced if you really USE it - Bluetooth on, constant data connection (I use Good for email), etc. you will see 1-2 resets per day. If you just use it as a phone and occassionally surf the web, send an SMS once in while, sync your email a couple times a day - you'll see resets 1-2 times per week. If you NEVER touch your 650 you'll see resets 1-2 time per month.
    I used to think the same thing myself until I got my replacement unit from Cingular. Resets are a thing of the past. I can't remember the last time I had a reset and I use Chatter 24/7 with heavy message loads daily and verichat occasionally.

    Like the thread says, "Don't settle!"
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    I too have been experiencing the Halradio resets. I called P1 this morning to arrange for a replacement, but they tried to stick me with a $25 fee. (I raised my voice a little and they comped me this time.) Normally, I wouldn't fuss, but I'm expecting to go through this process at least a few more times until I receive a unit without hardware issues. I think my case might be complicated slightly because I ordered my Treo through the Vienna Channels roadshow offer. Has anyone tried to return a Vienna Channels unit and been prompted to pay this $25 fee?

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    24 Hours and no HALRadio crashes

    Haven't done the Cingular upgrade yet. Scheduled for today.

    Currently Versamail crashes immediately w/ a Fatal Exception. Not sure if the Cingular ROM update will help w/ that or not.
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    So I have perhaps the worst case yet. My treo 650 always resets on incoming calls. Even if I don't answer it. It just resets. I just got a replacement from Cingular. same problem.
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    Is this in factory condition or with third party apps/after a hotsync?

    If its in factory condition, it has to have something to do with the configuration of your network settings and your SIM card.
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