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    Here's the deal. A while back, my original Treo developed a few bugs and I had it replaced under warranty.

    When I received the new Treo, I made a mistake and synched it up before I had synched the old one with all the changes I had made to the address book.

    So, the new Treo had my old address book and I factory reset the old one before sending it back to Palm.

    Once I realized what I had done, I (yuck) manually went through the new Treo and fixed everything. Then I wanted to sync it so I made sure that I had everything set to "Handheld overwrites Desktop". Bang. It updated my PalmDesktop perfectly.

    Well, the last few times I have sync'd, it has hosed my contacts. I SEE them correctly in PalmDesktop, but when I sync (yes, I changed everything to Synchronize the files) I only end up with contacts that I've added in the last couple of weeks.

    Here's my question: How in the hell do I get everything from PalmDesktop onto my Treo? THEN, how do I ensure that whenever I add something to the Treo, it gets put onto the Desktop when I sync?

    Please help, I've been screwing with this for a couple of hours and I am ready to pop.

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    Try setting the conduit to Desktop overwrites handheld. After that, use Syncronize the files.
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