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    Been having this problem for weeks now. Was never like this, either.

    When I hit connect in PDANet it will occassionally say, "Dropping Active Connection." But it never does. It just hangs until I soft-reset. This only happens if I try to connect shortly after browsing the web on the 600.

    Have tried multiple computer (some with FRESH reformats) and all have been XP Pro.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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    So it's not the PCs. Then break it down to:

    Did you contact JuneFabrics? Doesn't matter what you answer is, good luck getting a useful answer from them. But send them an email anyway.

    BTW check their site and try the newest version. Might be a problem with software (although this is unlikely, as it was working correctly previously).

    Problem with your wireless carrier. Who is it? Are you using a data or dial-up connection? If data, then your carrier might be locking it down. If dial-up, then either the ISP your dialing is having problem, or your carrier, or BOTH.

    Problem with cable. Go get another cable, preferably a new one. Try connecting and see if that works.

    Problem with Treo. If you're willing to go the route, backup your data, do a hard reset, install just Pdanet, and see how it functions.

    And don't forget the search function of this forum. Someone else may have had the problem, and may have some suggestions.
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