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    I just got my 650 recently and I'm getting some major delays while using it, specifically when I leave Chatter to go to the launcher application (but other times as well). I've got a couple large email databases (totalling 3-4MB) and got to thinking they might be causing this. The way I understand NVFS, it backs up the running databases in RAM into flash memory every once in a while? So I'm thinking with Chatter running in the background and always changing these databases, it might do this freqently for them. Since they are rather large, this backup could be time consuming. Just trying to see if I can find the cause of these delays... maybe its time to delete some emails

    Comments/suggestions anyone?
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    You're not running Chatter from the card, are you?

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    I notice that leaving Chatter can sometimes take a few seconds, but I haven't seen other "delays" on my T650 (Sprint).

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    I've been getting 4-5 sec delays when leaving Chatter sometimes. It seemed to be regularly doing it whenever a new email came in, or I went into the mailbox menu and came back out. I believe I've fixed it though. I reloaded all of my mailboxes, synced only the past 5 days, and changed the email load from 2500 to 250. My mailbox files now total <100k. Haven't seen the long delay yet. Never had this problem on my 600, so I think I'm going to blame the NVFS. Unfortunately I'm going to lose the searching capability I had before (which I liked using). I guess I'll be looking forward to Chatter saving emails to the card (not just attachments). You are still considering doing that right?
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    It really could be; I haven't noticed it on the T600 either.

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    I have experienced the Phone app comming up very slowly, but its from ANY other application, so I haven't thought it had anything to do with Chatter. I believe this has been mentioned by others also. Why the heck does that have to come up slowly!?
    I have tried playing with some Phone app settings (wallpaper, calendar event, etc.) to see if they make any different im pulling up the app, but I havent found anything to make a different. However, it does seem like turning off "Show SIM Phonebook" in Contacts makes the search-as-you-type in Contacts faster.

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