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    VERY excited about Chatter POP!! How will email get pushed to my 650? Other than purchasing a subscription to Chatter, do I need anything else such as a Fastmail acct? I have a pop3 acct with Namesecure. Thanks Marc!!!

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    Chatter isn't a subscription service, and POP3 mail doesn't get pushed (push isn't possible with POP3, although some people use SMS-triggered pseudo-push if their mail service can provide it). Anyone who CAN get an IMAP account, really should, because it's so head-and-shoulders better than POP3. For those who can't (or don't want to), I will be providing POP3 access via Chatter.

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    Doesn't this make everyone wonder about snapper? A whole team of developers and they can't fetch in the background and are slow as heck. Marc, a one man show, is developing in less than a week, a working beta that corrects both issues. Simply amazing. I fail to see how you won't win over the majority of their customers.
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    Snapper is an excellent product, IMO. If I had to guess, I'd say they are much more focused on 1) moving to other platforms and 2) making sure they are compatible with a wide range of Palm-based phones. Both of these things preclude a great deal of work on the current Treo line.

    Also, their entire network model appears to revolve around the POP/SMTP type interaction, and IMAP is vastly different. What's more, doing everything in the background is a pretty significant issue from a system architecture point of view. The changes required could well cause problems for existing users until they are straightened out, and perhaps it's not worth the aggravation.

    At least, I think that's what's going on....

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    Congrats on getting POP3 to work so quickly. As a long time Snapper user, I'm anxious to try your product, but do have a small concern.
    You seem to put out a different beta release every week or so, and while I do understand it is a beta release, do you forsee a release version w/POP anytime soon? I just don't like having to keep up with a new release consistantly to get rid of bugs and fixes.

    I have currently have no need for IMAP, so I'm looking forward to trying Chatter for POP3 use.
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