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    Got more e-mails from them....basically they after you bug handango version they will give you a ne wone that works with memos.

    'The Notepad feature is actually just something I can give you instructions to enable in the version you buy from Handango. There is also a Palm fix that is not available yet in the Handango version that has to do with the Palm Memos. So if you use Memos, and need that fix, I’ll just provide you a newer build after you’ve bought the Handango one, and you can install this newer version instead of Handango’s.

    As for the repeating appointments – it’s not as scary as the FAQ makes it sound. Essentially Organizer doesn’t tell us the appointment is recurring, so instead of one appointment with 10 occurrences, it is broken into 10 appointments when it gets to the Palm device. If you then modify one of those occurrences on the Palm and sync back to Organizer, the changes are made appropriately. The problems can occur when you start trying to delete and recreate individual occurrences, since Organizer will ask if you want to delete all instances in the series or just one occurrence, but the Palm thinks you’re deleting individual records and depending on how you do your deletes, things can get confusing. But it’s a very rare circumstance and easily remedied by just manually deleting the bad entries and re-creating them in organizer and then re-syncing.

    As for other “Gotchas” – we don’t yet support the Planner or Anniversary sections in Organizer."
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    Oh note that IBM site wa updated for the Treo 700 two weeks ago....Looks like no assistance to be xpected from IBM along this line.

    And no Ralph, I haven't tried it.....right no wondering if investing $50 in anything associated with Lotus is a good old is SS 9.8 now ?

    But with Ecco gone, Goldmine gone, ACT! useless, the only real players left in the game are Organizer and Palm Desktop.
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