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    For all the posts i am reading about people being able to use the phone with the headset, but then when the headset is removed there is no sound.

    My phone did this, i opened it up, and found that the headset jack was UNSOLDERED from the mobo (motherboard) in 2 places.

    Now, there are a total of 6 legs that the headset jack has which are soldered to the mobo. 4 of mine are soldered buy the 2 that are not, CANNOT be soldered back as the pads have actually LIFTED off the mobo. this means that there is now NOTHING on the mobo for these legs to solder to.

    However, with ONLY the 4 legs soldered..... the phone works FINE ... BUT only with the headset in.

    I have tried to find out alternate spots on the mobo to which i can solder the 2 legs, but was unsucessful. I have picture available, just PM me and i will send them over.

    I need help to figure out where i can solder these 2 points.

    I am almost POSITIVE that 99.9% of all the headphone jack problems are related to this... people either jerk the phone, drop it, bang it, etc... and this can cause the solder to lift from the board.

    I am open to ALL suggestions and feed back, and IF i can get these new points i am willing to fix all phones with this problem.... for a VERY VERY VERY reasonable price.

    so, if anybody has or has access to wireing diagrams, or pin outs etc... please message me!

    thanks for reading my rant

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    I had this problem too -- after only 3 months of use! I ended up having P1 replace my 600 under warranty....
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    I did the same as bigboy, but I found that after I removed the headset, if I blew into the jack, the sound would come back.

    The 600 was made quite cheaply in some areas.

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