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    I have tried every which way to sync using the isync conduit and every time I do every old address book and calendar entry I put in just dissappears. Edits made on the Treo get lost. Edits made on the mac get screwed up. Has anyone figured out how to actually make the Treo SYNC with Isync? I have had to rebuild my address book 5 times and have just given up on entering any important info in the calendar.
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    Are you using any other synching utility with iSync? I use The Missing Sync from Mark/Space in conjunction with iSync on my Treo 650. I have not had any problems synching properly with either Address Book or iCal.
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    Just using the Palm software and Isync conduit. I just cant figure out where it expects me to make my edits. I lose whatever I do on the phone if I do it there and I lose what is done in Adress Book if I do it there. I have Isync set to synchronize and same with Hot Sync manager. But they never seem to sync they just wipe eachother out. I am really against buying yet another piece of software to make my Treo do what I want. I have spent more on software in the past year then I did on the phone and it still doesnt do everything the way I would want. I am happy with it though.
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    Dont waste your money on another piece of software. Just be dilligent and it'll work. It took me about two hours to figure it out but I finally got it to work. Remember to delete any old palm software from your Mac and then do a new install with the software that came with the Treo. Also, read up in the suppor area on the Treo support site about using isync. I dont remember in specific but you must disable most of the syncing conduits that have to do with contact, calendar and tasks before everything syncs up. I sync mine with my iMac, iPod, Powerbook and .Mac account and everything works beautifully without something like the Missing Sync. Good luck!!

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    iSync replaces all of the "standard" Palm conduits such as "Contacts", "Calendar", and "Tasks". If you still have these active, then your Palm Desktop is probably overwriting both the Palm and iSync.

    Personally, I can't stand the wretched iCal/Calendar integration (no categories!) so I stick with Palm Desktop (which is just fine).
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    When you sync, does it ask for the user on the HotSync Manager? I had a similar problem after a hard reset. Whenever I tried to sync, Hotsync manager in OSX would always ask for the user - something it shouldn't do. I just deleted my user in Palm desktop and recreated it (same exact spelling). After that, everything sync'd right. I've been having a string of bad luck with the 650 lately though... Constant resets, connection errors, incomplete syncing with desktop, etc. I think the honeymoon is over already.
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    My biggest problem with iSync is that it uses the old Address.pdb and Datebook.pdb databases. Problem is your phone and address book uses the newer Contacts.pdb and Calendar.pdb file. Thus you'll find out you have a duplicate size of both files.

    My Calendar alone is around 4megs and after syncing with iSync I got a duplicate 4meg datebook file. Totally useless with the limited amount of RAM on the device. Wish there was a hack to write to the newer pdb, since I really hate how Palm Desktop works on the mac.
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    i called mac--after my 3rd operater they sent me straight to the tech guys. You need to put the files giving you problems in the disable conduits folder. i had to put everything in except the apple and then take everything out one by one to find which were the loopy files

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