This is a trick I stole from BRNZ but it has made my life a lot easier so I thought I'd repost it in it's own thread.
I use a private pop3 account and outlook on my desktop and a sprint treo 650 to check email outside of the office. Since outlook and versamail do not synch (what a pain in the a**) when I sent an email from my treo I had no record of it in my outlook and vise-versa. Very sketchy not to have a backup of messages sent from treo as it is so prone to break downs.
1. set your versamail to always bcc yourself
2. set a rule in outlook to automatically move incoming messages sent by yourself to move to sent folder
3. set outlook to always bcc yourself
4. set a filter in versamail preferences that recongnizes mail "from" "your name" and moves it to sent folder.

Now all messages sent from outlook and from versasmail are sent to each other and automatically placed in the correct sent folder.

It seems like for $600.00 the treo probably should have been able to do this out of the box...but...

If anyone has figured out how to synch the inboxes PLEASE let me know.