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    It might be a silly questions but can I hot sync at work and at home?
    Thanks for the help!!
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    Yes you can sync with multiple PC's. Just install the desktop software on all of your PC's you want to use the Treo on.

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    There may be some complications to work through if you have different configurations at home and work. I synch with Outlook at my office but at home I use both Outlook Express (for personal email) and Outlook (for company email, requiring me to log in first). (I'm convinced there must be some way to use Outlook at home for both sets of email, but the good tech support folks at my company have not been able to help me set it up that way, so I've given up.)

    Anyway, if I synch at home I have to remember to log in to my company's network first. Not a huge deal, just the kind of complication you might face.

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