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    Again, this is about Cingular NOT Sprint or any other carrier............

    This has been hashed out a lot lately, but I still am unsure of exactly where we stand on this?

    I'm running 1.0, but I'm seeing posts about people running 1.02 & 1.04.

    Assuming that means they've upgraded the units being released but that the changes (to Cingular/Palm) are so minor that it doesn't seem worthy (to Cingular/Palm) to actually announce a different firmware version and post it on their site for download?

    Does that make sense?


    .... and again, it may not be coincidental that the users that are signing up for new service contracts with purchase, that are NOT USING OLDER SIM CARDS because they're receiving NEW SIM cards WITH THE 650 seem to be having less problems than us former 600 users that brought our cards over... So it may be more than just the fact that we know these machines better and are better attuned to potential problems than a completely new user (who would naturally be in awe of the Treo 650's capabilities, rather than stare in disbelief at the highlighted 'cancel' button in call log... lol)

    All of us have, for quite awhile, long before the 650 was ever released, been fed up with $8/hr. reps not knowing anything about anything, essentially not even knowing who to transfer us to, and accidentally terminating the call when they move to place us on hold... we all know this. Buying a punching bag or makiwara pad makes more sense than venting ultimately (or a good supplement to it)... but what DOES mystify me is when these reps have scripts, booklets and supervisors right there in the room with them how they can still accomplish so little in the way of dispensing up-to-date (& correct)info.

    This sentiment comes fresh on the heels of my last (yesterday) 2-3 hour ordeal with Palm and Cingular... forgive me.
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    My AT&T (Cingular in most regards) phone came with firmware 1.04. Make sure that you are looking at the menu entry for "Phone Info" and not the "About" screen, which on mine says 1.0.

    As for SIM cards, while mine came with a new one, I was instructed to use my old one, which I did.
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    Thanks, you're right.... 01.04 it is.
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    Thanks for setting me straight
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    1.04 is the palmOne firmware revision for the Cingular Treo 650. 1.02 is the Cingular software version - Treo650-1.02-CNG.
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