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    I've tried everything described in other threads on fixing the Versamail problems (deleting all the files ...) but I seem to have a slightly different problem.

    I've got two Versamail accounts a POP and my corporate email on an Exchange Server. The POP account seems to be working fine, but everytime I try to access my corp account, my Treo resets. The error message is "Memory.c, Line 2805, MemMove to NULL". It even resets when I try to edit the account settings via the account setup page.

    Any help?

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    The only thing I've seen on this is when your password has expired on the exchange server.
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    My password was about to expire (11 days) so I thought that might be part of it - I changed it on the server and on my Treo, but it is still having the same problem.

    I finally did a hard reset and recreate my account information. Now I get a different error."The was aproblem syncing messages. (0006)HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized Content -Length: 83 Content-Type: text/html Server:Micorsoft IIS/6.0"

    So it won't sync but at least it's not reseting my Treo.

    My POP account continues to work.
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    After multiple hard and soft resets, I think I pinned down the culprit as a specific email message. After a hard reset and then sync, it would stop the sync just before getting to the specific message. I moved that message out of my inbox on the server and contined syncing and everything seems relatively stable at this point.

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