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    My phone constantly freezes after dialing showing "no service" then dumping me to dialpad. The ability to answer calls is haphazard also with the phone freezing while ringing. This does not happen when connected to a power source so I'm relating it to the "Network Search" issue. This is supposedly caused by a bad battery connection.

    Has anyone tried pulling the 600 apart to possibly remediate it themselves? I was not offered the extended service plan when signing up and it's out of warranty. Yes I can solder.
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    The replacement battery from totally fixed my Network Search problem and freezing issues. It is not a connection issue - it is a failing battery (that's why it works with an A/C source. I have been living with these problems for the last few months. The new battery holds a acharge so much better than the Palm battery.

    Highly recommended and thanks to all here who figured this out!!

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