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    I do not believe cradle shipped yesterday! Just thought I would update those of you who have been waiting for the ecost back order to clear.
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    Yup mine shipped today, will be here tommorow by 3pm

    Ordered mine 3-7-05...9 days is not bad...shorter than the wait for the 650 itself

    palmOne Treo 650 Unlocked GSM / Axalto 64k SIM / Cingular Nation 900 w/ Rollover / MEdia Net Unlimited /

    Phone Info: Firmware: 1.14 / Software: Treo650-1.05-ROW
    Accessories: palmOne Cradle Kit for Treo 650 / Free 128MB SD from palmOne / Cardo Scala 500 BT Headset / Krusell Classic & Horizontic Case / Brando Screen Protector
    On The Way: ???

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    Ordered mine on 2/24/05 still listed as "Backordered".
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    I ordered one from them yesterday and I had it today by lunch. Very cool. The site still said it was backordered though.

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    Just opened mine and hooked it up. Works GREAT!!

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