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    How do I transfer an MP3 to my main memory using windows media player?

    the guide just says "do it"....

    If I click copy to CD or device no device shows up =(

    I have installed the WMP thingy for Ptunes...

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    I'm pretty sure that the standard wmp also needs a plugin to handle MP3's (?).

    I believe it costs about $10.

    And that's just one reason I use iTunes instead.
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    Answer Found:

    I can't see my device in the drop-down list in Windows Media Player. **Updated 10/17/04

    The Media Player conduit is a feature in version 3 (or later) of Pocket Tunes. It was not included in version 2. If you use version 2 of Pocket Tunes you will not have access to this feature. Only the Windows version of Media Player works with the Pocket Tunes conduit. Mac and other OS users do not have access to this feature.

    Media Player version 10 works much more reliably for transferring audio files to Pocket Tunes than version 9 did. Using MP10 requires Pocket Tunes version 3.0.3 or later. When you upgrade to MP10, you will need to reinstall our conduit, because their upgrade deletes it. You can upgrade to MP10 at

    Once you have installed the upgrade, download the most recent version of Pocket Tunes from our download page at and install both the new version and the Media Player Integration feature. If you already have the current version of Pocket Tunes installed, you can uncheck all boxes except for Media Player Integration.

    Instructions for using the Media Player conduit to transfer audio files

    You must first connect your device to the hotsync cable or cradle, whichever applies.
    Turn the device on.
    Start Pocket Tunes
    ONLY THEN should you start Media Player. If you start Media Player first, your device will not be seen in the Sync list (in MP9, it is the "copy to" box).
    If the device is manufactured by Sony, make sure you use the "Connect to PC" option in the "Actions" menu of Pocket Tunes.
    If you are using a Treo 600, you may need to disable PDA Net. PDANet is installed on the PC. The icon can be found in your task bar, lower-right corner (if installed). Right-click the icon and either close or disable the program.
    At this point, your device should be listed as connected.
    Select the songs to sync, then click the "start sync" button (In MP9, it is the "Copy) button).


    If you are using a Treo 600, you may need to disable PDA Net.

    Note that we've recently learned that some SpyWare detection programs installed on a PC will interfere with the conduit. We are not sure which programs this involves at the moment, but are checking into it.
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    I've gotten the manual sync function to work but I've had no luck with the auto sync (Treo 600 running latest version of PTunes). The method is described here:
    All the relevant options are greyed out (inactive) for me.

    My gut instinct is that the Windows Media Player autosync just doesnt work with non-Windows devices as is suggested by this site:

    any other thoughts?

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