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    Here's a snip from a yahoo article about the law suit RIM has been in:

    RIM has been forced to cough up, but the settlement paves the way for the company to begin selling its Blackberry Connect software in the US, something it had been prevented from doing by the lawsuit. Blackberry Connect allows non-Blackberry devices to access RIM's push email service, allowing it to grow its user base beyond owners of its own handhelds.
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    WOW! I hope that means BBC will be available this year. I work in a BB shop and from what I understand when this is available and loaded on my Treo 650 I will be able to access the BBES at my company.
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    Just found this on the PalmSource website ( and It suggests pretty strongly that this already exists -- only question is how to get it.

    PalmSource Mail for BlackBerry Connect is the standard Palm OS® client for BlackBerry® services, enabling secure wireless email access, anywhere, anytime.

    PalmSource Mail for BlackBerry Connect Overview

    * * *

    Product Details

    Palm OS Support

    Palm OS Garnet, version 5.2 and 5.4
    Supported networks: GPRS
    Localization: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish


    320x320, 160x160, 160x240, 240x240, 240x320, 320x320, 320x480
    Supports dynamic input area

    Email Accounts

    One BlackBerry Enterprise Server account
    One Blackberry Internet Service account


    All BlackBerry Enterprise Servers supported (BlackBerry Enterprise Server can connect to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers)
    Support for POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. via BlackBerry Internet Service
    Pin-to-Pin messaging
    Broadcast messages (All-Point-Bulletin messages)

    * * *

    Additional software required for Palm OS licensees to build a complete BlackBerry Connect solution for Palm Powered™ devices:

    PalmSource Desktop installer for BlackBerry Connect components
    On-device installer (required if PalmSource mail client is not embedded in ROM)
    BlackBerry Connect transport stack and transport stack wrapper (to be licensed from RIM)
    BlackBerry Desktop Configuration Tool (to be licensed from RIM)
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    I have seen the two above links for almost a month now. From what we are being told it is 2nd or 3rd qtr this year. I am not sure how this settlement comes into play, hopefully it will speed it up.

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