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    How do I get my earphones to work with games and stuff?

    Right now the sound comes out fo the speakerphone when the earphones are plugged in (have the earphone that came with the treo)

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    Sounds like you may have a faulty earphone jack.
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    It does work with the phone, just not games and the other dings and whistles that come from the phone.
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    For anyone with the same question, I found this on the Pocket tunes website:

    "Why can't I hear any music through my headset on my Treo 600?

    In order to play music through headphones on the Treo 600, you will need the stereo headphone adapter that Handspring sells on the Accessories page of their web site. Music will not play through the headset that is included with your Treo. Update: Toysoft ( has come out with new software called Freedom. It allows you to listen to music using the headset that comes with your Treo 600!"
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    all you gotta do is turn the Sound button to off and you'll be able to listen to Music n' what not through your earpiece headset. That's what i been doing.
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    It's not working for me =(

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