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    I am newbie to the treo world. So I will like to know somewhat more from you expert and frequent users about the features and qualities of a email access app. If someone can help me with this basic question it will be of great help.
    Thanks in advance. Regards.

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    As you will quickly find out, there are almost as many answers to this question as there are users, but I will tell you what's important for me:
    -Stability of app (obviously)
    -No hosting fees
    -Clean UI
    -IMAP support (this is key for me, so I can sync my folders and remotely delete email from my corporate server - many will rank POP over IMAP, as you will see from the forum)
    -Attachment support
    -SD card support
    -Asynchronous (background) mail retrieval
    - "Push" mail retrieval
    So, I currently use Snappermail Enterprise, which works fine for my purposes. SM does not do background retrieval or "push" - you need Chatter for this. Unfortunately, my email server does not support push, and if I forward my mail to one that does, I lose remote syncing/deletion functionality. So, it's a bit of a tradeoff for me. If your server supports "push" (ask your IT folks if it uses IDLE), then I'd go with Chatter. The developer is constantly adding imrovements, including now plans for POP support. If push isn't critical, SM is good, albeit a bit pricey. Good luck!

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