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    I have a trouble free phone with latest firmware - it is really great. Only problem is occasionally if I let the battery run down to low I get hangs- quickly fixed by a reset.
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    I can't say I have zero problems. (Now that I learn not to open PDF attachments...) Most of my problems have been carrier related.

    I have had palm7, Win-PPC, laptop with aircard... I found the treo to help me most.

    I actually used MobleTS to RDC into my server to bring it back to life while inside Disney attending some events.

    If only the carrier signal is better...
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    I only just got my 650 after nearly 2 years with the 600, and so far it's been perfect! I just finished migrating all of my software over, so the true test begins. I have a Sprint 650 with FW1.12.
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