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    - Phone:
    I had a problem with the earpiece volume (really too low), and this was solved by buying Volume Care.

    - RingTones
    A $600 phone not able to play MP3 as a ring tone without a third party prog... is this a joke ? Anyway I don't really need this, and I didn't buy anything.

    - eMail:
    For the first few months (when I had less than a hundred emails stored) I had no problem at all. I 'm now starting to get lots of VersaMail errors, and I'm considering buying SnapperMail, because I cannot download my emails reliably anymore.

    - Web access:
    Although Blazer renders sites very well, it's very slow and I get lots of errors on many sites, and cannot post on many forum (page too big error although it's very small, and I have 16MB free ram...) I'm considering Xiino but it doesn't support small fonts.

    - MP3 & TCPMP Videos
    No problem at all, I use it all the time and love it.

    - SD Card slot
    My KingMaxx 2GB 150x was not recognized although it's recognized by my older Treo 600

    - Camera
    The camera is a joke. It only takes pics on very good light conditions, as most of the cheapest cameras... it's a bit better than the Treo 600 camera though.

    - Media application
    As soon as you have more than a hundred pics on your card, the media applications slows down, and can't be used anymore. I had to buy SplashPhoto which solved my problem.

    - Default launcher. Very bad. I had to buy ZLauncher.

    - DocToGo
    Works reliably. No problem since I upgraded to the latest version

    No problem at all. I use a GPS and DUN all the time.

    - Battery life.
    Very good.

    - Edge
    Didn't get real Edge speed before upgrading to fw1.28

    - Keyboard
    One of the keys is already dead (P key). I'm not sure but it may be my fault.

    - Softs reset
    I didn't get soft reset unless I was trying some badly written 3rd party apps.

    Conclusion: it's too bad I had to buy so many third party apps, to solve problems that should not have occured on a $600 device. I still love my Treo as the best convergence device IMHO.

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    Guess I'm lucky. I've had zero problems and I'm very pleased with mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcjohnsson
    But again, this compares to how many threads/posts of people dissatisfied or disgusted with the phone?
    My point exactly. They were (or had the opportunity) to do the voting. Alot of venting goes on around here and to have those 90%s show up in two different polls -- says something.

    Many "issues" with the Treo 650 are related to 3rd party apps that, in essence, are still in development. Same problem existed with PCs in the beginning -- Harvard Graphics 2.0 choked my PC at the time, which was only 3 months old. The Treo is a great platform and software providers are pushing it's limits. IMHO -- MobiTV will only be operational when EV-DO gets here. So what is at fault here? The Treo or MobiTV? The hardware or the 3rd party software?

    Headset volume has been my only issue with the Treo 650 and I do not believe that qualifies a class action suit. I am not discounting all the pain and agony that some people are suffering, I feel for everyone of them, because I know how I would feel. But I also know that they sold over 1 million Treo 600's and for every pain and agony expressed here, there is a vast silent satisfied majority.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar
    Still trouble free..
    ur back -- haven't seen you post in a while.... welcome
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    The only trouble I'm having is with syncing my avantgo pages. It causes a problem and freezes the hotsync (on a certain 'MBProfile') which I know has been discussed, but to be honest, I'm lazy. So yea, no problems that I can't handle (read: don't want to).
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    I've had once replacement 650 due to defective sticky thumbboard, otherwise no other hardware issues. In regards to software, majoriy of issues I've had deal with 3rd party apps. Although I do experience random crashing sometimes when the Treo is out of coverage...
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    But for the occasional (once every month or two) need to soft reset when it won't sync in the cradle, and a crackly back speaker, absolutely no other problems. I love this little machine.
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    And STILL, I am having zero problems. (Okay, I've had some, but what problems I have had, have been 3rd party apps, Verichat, Lightwav, etc.) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    And STILL, I am having zero problems. (Okay, I've had some, but what problems I have had, have been 3rd party apps, Verichat, Lightwav, etc.)
    Zero problems too. This is my best Pda-Phone. Simple, you have to choice your apps, research and that's it.
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    I think you ask about hardware problems. There can be and are so many problems with software conflicts.

    In any case, I did have a problem with my headphone jack. After replacement, zero hardware problems.
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    11 days and counting with no problems that were not caused by 3rd party apps. I removed them and everything went back to normal.

    Things I learned from the various forums that helped prevent issues...
    1. Leave at least 3mb of on board memory available to prevent resetting issues caused by lack of on board ram.

    2. Rename my old palm desktop folder and create a new profile for the 650 so my old preferences and applications from my Tungsten C don't muck it up.

    3. Install my applications one at a time to determine compatibility.

    4. Run large files and programs from the SD card.
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    I had many problems with my Cingular Treo it kept resetting.

    I loved the idea of treo so much I broke my contract with Cingular paid $150 for that and than shelled out another $400 for another Treo and tried Verizon.

    I am very happy I did this, I have had no problems at all with the Verizon Treo in the 3 months or so that I have had it.

    The only downside is needing third party software to make the Treo just right.

    Email client (Agendus or Snapper)
    Pocket Tunes
    Splash Photo

    But all in all it is the single most valuable tool I have as a working professional on the go.
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    You're walking around with a 386 in your pocket. Was your IBM PC or clone circa 1990 or 1992 error or conflict free? Thought not.
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    Yes, the OS needs some hand-holding.. Bad applications will cause problems with the OS and with other programs..

    But once you have a good stable set of programs, I have no problems. Resident I have Butler 3.2x, Fonts4OS5, Hi-Launcher, KBLightsOff, KeyCaps650, LEDOff, PowerUp, TrafficStat, TreoAlarm, VolumeCare, and of course ZLauncher.

    That's a lot of programs that tweak behavior, but they all behave VERY well together. Every so often I'll have a DakeBk5 alarm go off and the OS slows down. It's inconsistant happens perhaps once a month. A reset from ZLauncher's menus and all is good again. I looked this morning, as I thought I had heard the phone turn itself on this morning (aka it reset itself) but the last crash on the phone is from AvantGo on 8/18.

    That said, AvantGo does weird stuff sometimes on the first in-program online sync, then it's fine after. Never a problem reading offline, but oh well.

    As for things missing from the Treo (things not taken care of already by programs such as VolumeCare).. Built-in stable MP3 ringer would have been nice. The screen turning itself on when it roams is annoying. That's pretty much it for basic features.

    As many people have already said, the only people who gain something from these types of class action suits are the lawyers. The company gets screwed, and the customers who are in the CA Suit get nearly nothing.
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    Honestly... w/ the exception of trying to update to VZW 1.03 on my 1st T650, I have had zero issues whatsoever. I should mention I don't have too many 3rd party apps.

    My replacement T650 (w/ 1.01) works like a charm!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Yes, at the moment and for the past 2 weeks, I've been very happy and problem-free. When I've had a problem, it has been 3rd party software, namely IntelliSync. No problems here.
    -- Josh
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    No me that's for sure. This thing is a time killer for me. I have been spending several hours a day trying to reseach and fix all the problems I am having. NVFS=Bad Idea.
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    NADLER hit the nail on the head. Almost all of the problems I had early on were caused by third party apps.
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    Can you identify some of these apps ? Most of the apps I am using are pretty basic and should not be causing system wide corruption.

    Anybody know what app causes the loss of Saved Preferences Database issue for example. This one is bad. I lose all my registration codes, app settings, system configuration when the saved preferences database is lost.
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgps
    Can you identify some of these apps ? Most of the apps I am using are pretty basic and should not be causing system wide corruption.

    Anybody know what app causes the loss of Saved Preferences Database issue for example. This one is bad. I lose all my registration codes, app settings, system configuration when the saved preferences database is lost.
    The apps I have all work great... No resets. The only app that caused a resetting issue with my T650 was one that came with the CD-ROM, DataViz Docs To Go. Everytime I tried to open a word document it would reset. I gave up and removed Docs To Go and everything has been fine.

    Apps that I have that work flawlessly...

    Card ExportII
    Directory Assistant
    Handy Shopper
    Kmaps w/ IBM Java Environment
    Volume Care
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